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Quote #20 | Submitted by: rtil on 2:53AM, August 24th, 2012
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ropesnake: so i was at panera bread
ropesnake: ive got my tool belt on
ropesnake: this guy comes up to me, i guess he thought i was a mechanic or something
ropesnake: and he asks me "when you press the pedal on a sewing machine, what makes it go?"
ropesnake: and i just turn to the soda fountain slowly and say "i don't know"
ropesnake: i guess he was trying to make smalltalk but he was just really bad at it
sevvv: reminds me of this guy i met at school who keeps telling me about his bad ideas
sevvv: he wants to make a movie at pixar which is basically just that bee movie with jerry seinfeld
rtil: he probably thinks that animation works the same way the panera bread guy does
ropesnake: when you step on the pedal to animate the bee, what makes it go?
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