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Quote #236 | Submitted by: basketweaver on 9:01PM, July 31st, 2014
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<dillyisawilly> i almost got a donut tonight
<dillyisawilly> but then i saw they had rice kirspies treats
<dillyisawilly> and i went "i need it"
<SrsSam77> that sounds like it was a very significant event
<SrsSam77> rurce krirspeeeesssss
<dillyisawilly> i went to the gas station
<SrsSam77> ho
<dillyisawilly> because it reopened
<SrsSam77> lee
<SrsSam77> shit
<dillyisawilly> so now it's nice
<dillyisawilly> and i had to check it out
<dillyisawilly> and confirm it was nice
<rtil> picking a rice krispy treat over a donut.................i dunnoooooooooo
<SrsSam77> was it a QT?
<SrsSam77> or a racetrac
<dillyisawilly> i don't think i've ever thought of a gas station as cute
<SrsSam77> maybe a chevron
<dillyisawilly> lmfao
<SrsSam77> QT is a gas station you petroleosexual
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