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Quote #292 | Submitted by: ZekeySpaceyLizard on 7:19AM, April 27th, 2015
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Maho: here comes the money eyyyyy
Maho: exact quotes from valve hq
Maho: man i used to work literally across the street
Maho: from valve
Maho: in bellevue wash
a loaf of bread.: rip valve's legacy
a loaf of bread.: which was already tattered
a loaf of bread.: due to the ruination of tf2
Maho: bellevue is such a kick ass town
a loaf of bread.: and the fact they havent made shit in 3 years
Maho: nobody was there to grieve for tf2
Maho: tf2 is the drug addict that used to have friends
Maho: with nobody at the funeral
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