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Quote #364 | Submitted by: BluPhoenix on 5:18PM, January 24th, 2016
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[07:11.59] <+Lishy> so I watched the first 2 eps of Ore Monogatori with a family member
[07:12.14] <+Lishy> I don't get it
[07:12.27] <+Lishy> she said that it's 'very boring' and the 'same thing over and over'
[07:12.50] <+Lishy> but then she said she wanted to watch something 'funny' and 'cheerful', like family guy, or big bang theory.
[07:13.10] <+Lishy> I'm not criticizing them, but I just don't understand their tastes or reasoning of it. What the heck is the appeal of the big bang theory?
[07:15.20] <+Lishy> Asking them why they like it, they don't have an answer. That's probably common among that fanbase
[07:15.28] <BluPhoenix> ore monogatari is uh
[07:15.32] <BluPhoenix> pretty upbeat
[07:15.44] <BluPhoenix> idk why there would be an imbalance of "cheerfulness"
[07:15.54] <BluPhoenix> (except maybe toward the end of the season)
[07:15.56] <+Lishy> Here's what I'm wondering: If those shows are terrible, but the reason people mindlessly like them, why?
[07:16.11] <+Lishy> we only got to ep 2, before they got too bored
[07:16.49] <@reptilicus> lishy they went into it expecting it to be bad
[07:16.58] <@reptilicus> its confirmation bias
[07:17.33] <+Lishy> it's probably confirmation bias, but that doesn't explain what the heck is the appeal of the 'cheerful' modern family guy and big bang theory. She is not the only person to say that
[07:17.50] <+Lishy> what exactly is the disconnect between critics and what the average viewer thinks?
[07:18.33] <+Lishy> it's a genuine question. I wanna know what the heck is the appeal of modern big bang theory to people like that
[07:18.36] <BluPhoenix> how is family guy cheerful
[07:18.41] <BluPhoenix> like what the fuck
[07:18.41] <+Lishy> who knows
[07:19.01] <BluPhoenix> family guy is one of the most mean-spirited shows out there
[07:19.07] <+Lishy> Am I arrogant if I think the average viewer is a dumb sheeple who just needs constant stimulation, and that when they watch something, they aren't actually watching the show?
[07:19.21] <@reptilicus> family guy is dark as shit, constant incest and violence
[07:19.44] <@reptilicus> and no lishy you arent
[07:19.54] <@reptilicus> that is a fact and its been a fact for a very very VERY long time
[07:20.39] <+Lishy> So if I make something with a constant laugh track, chaos, and braindead characters, I can make that family member like it?
[07:20.47] <+Lishy> even without jokes?
[07:20.54] <BluPhoenix> you can make half of america like it
[07:20.58] <@reptilicus> it worked for Two and a Half Men
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