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Quote #42 | Submitted by: BluPhoenix on 9:21PM, September 21st, 2012
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< ropesnake> who doesnt have hot rina chan porn ugh hell yeah take it
< ropesnake> unf
< anigen> i dunno man i think we deserve something here i mean
< anigen> this is a pretty crazy package.
< anigen> tell me, rvs
< anigen> do you want this porn?
<RVS_Anonymous> sure
<RVS_Anonymous> yea
< anigen> do you want to touch yourself to it
<RVS_Anonymous> ....
< anigen> in places where no mortal has touched before
<RVS_Anonymous> yes
< anigen> are you hard right now
< anigen> just thinking about these pictures
<RVS_Anonymous> uhh.. no
< anigen> and this delicious video
< anigen> OH WELL FUK U THEN
< anigen> >:C
<RVS_Anonymous> ok ye aI am
<RVS_Anonymous> <_< I am rock hard
< anigen> is your dick
< anigen> salivating
< anigen> with precum
<RVS_Anonymous> sigh....
< anigen> almost bleeding
< anigen> with
< anigen> jizz
<RVS_Anonymous> yes O=o
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