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Quote #56 | Submitted by: Sheepy on 1:28PM, October 18th, 2012
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14:19 dilly I found this gif of a guy's butt getting hit with a pie
14:19 dilly and laughed at it for hours
14:19 wwchicken lmao dilly post it
14:19 Sheepy I think I remember that!!!!!
14:19 Sheepy it makes sense to do that
14:20 dilly but now I can't find it because everytime I try and search for it's some guy smackingnhis girlfriend's ass then putting her face into a pie
14:20 dilly it it's*
14:20 Sheepy that's dumb :u
14:21 Kooh- Oh. I can't Greenlight unless I pay the fee :T
14:21 Kooh- it'll just be in the Concept tab.
14:21 Sheepy a lot of men are terrible
14:21 Kooh- Oh well, might as well get fans, if they pay the Indievania or Desura version, I'll pay the fee.
14:21 dilly very
14:23 wwchicken good thing im not a lot of men
14:23 wwchicken just one
14:23 Sheepy you're a lot of butt :3c
14:23 wwchicken im terrible tho
14:23 wwchicken at jokes
14:23 dilly oh
14:23 wwchicken a
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